The Inkling team are superstars in strategic thinking and really know how to make your brand’s influence grow in PR and social. They are highly proactive, flexible, professional, collaborative and a real pleasure to work with. Inkling are the partner you need if you want to establish real conversations with your consumers and grow your brand.
— Wrangler EMEA Marketing Director, VF Corporation


Wrangler was a world famous brand with an image problem. Having spent a number of years without marketing to its EMEA audience, an image of the brand amongst this 35-55 year old demographic as old, dusty and outdated had developed. Inkling was brought on board to reinvigorate the Wrangler brand through its new Born Ready platform, based around performance denim designed for use both indoors and out.


The Ready range was initially seeded through Wrangler x Leatherman, a partnership with the iconic American multi-tool. Through hardworking research and analytics, Inkling identified key influencers that would represent the ethos of both Wrangler and Leatherman and provide us with the requisite reach across Europe. Along with our influencers - Paul Steele, founder of leading travel blog The Bald Hiker; lifestyle photographer Dan Rubin and German TV presenter Jens Kuck - we conceived, produced and launched a content series that embodied the adventurous spirit of both brands, and inspired others to experience adventures of their own.

Next we partnered with Alastair Humphreys, the creator of Microadventures, to curated a series of One Hour Away adventures across Europe: each experience could be reached within sixty minutes from a city, thus fitting around work and family responsibilities of our audience. We designed interactive online maps as well as a series of adventure tips and tricks films to ensure our audience we Born Ready for whatever the world threw at them, just like Wrangler products. 

The campaign was launched with a film featuring Alastair and a influencer from each key market on a One Hour Away adventure, all supporting by a hardworking product press office.


  • Born Ready broke e-commerce sales record 4 days in a row
  • Wrangler x Leatherman collection sold out in less than a month
  • Born Ready delivered 7.7x more referrals from Inkling content than from advertising
  • 405 combined pieces of coverage, with reach of over 100 million
  • Over 140,000 new Facebook Likes
  • Record levels of engagement for both campaigns
  • Wrangler’s highest ever number of e-commerce referrals from social media