Inkling was challenged to communicate Britain as an attractive and ‘cool’ destination for young, trend conscious 18-34 year olds living in Berlin.


We took something uniquely British – gin – to the streets of Berlin: tapping into a rising trend in the city. Our secret gin bar, stocked only the best independent gin brands from around the UK, was accessed via a giant portrait of Henry VIII in a pop-up gallery of the best UK street art curated by Graffiti Life, Brick Lane.

Inside, a bespoke newspaper communicated some of the best cultural highlights on offer in the UK and a partnership with Hostelworld allowed our audience to book a room there and then. 


  • 53 piece of coverage
  • 10,000 ‘Gin Journal’ newspaper/guides to the UK hand out
  • ROI of 241:1
  • 1200 attendees over 4 days