Knowledge Bomb No. 9 - Labels (Don't) Go Here

We here at Inkling are excited to announce that our new report, Marketing for the Jilted Generation, is launching very soon.

A deep dive on the UK Generation X demographic, we uncovered a trove of insights that challenged our thinking about this cohort, but one of the areas in which we noticed a stark gap in communications was around how brands talked with modern day mums, dads and other audiences. Case in point - 44% of Gen X males in our survey felt that messaging from household furnishing brands is irrelevant and not engaging. This despite the fact that 51% of them being primary decision makers of all household furnishing in their household.

In this Knowledge Bomb, we look at brands that haven’t fallen into the stereotyping gap and seen high engagement in return from taking a less clichéd approach to their campaigns.

Click here to download Knowledge Bomb No. 9 - Labels (Don't) Go Here.