Inkling Report No. 2 - Gen X: Marketing for the Jilted Generation

Who are Gen X?

Whilst certain demographic neologisms - Millennials, Silver Surfers, the Grey Pound, Baby Boomers - have had their time in the sun, the marketing world has largely ignored Gen X.

Thanks largely to clichés derived from America, Gen X are seen as a slacker generation - highly cynical of brands, distrusting of organisations and hard to reach. This is crazy when you consider the 35 to 55 cohort in the UK makes up nearly 28% of the UK's total population and has the highest weekly expenditure. Even in sectors as traditionally youth fixated as apparel, Gen X outspends the under 30s.

So rather than saddling this group with lazy preconceptions or – even worse – lumping them into crude groups like “male”, “female” or “parent”, we wanted to understand who they really are. And in doing so, we wanted to help brands embrace the Jilted Generation and create exciting and effective marketing plans that deliver on the bottom line.

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