Inkling have helped us coordinate and drive a clear strategic vision through all aspects of the brand. Talented, enthusiastic, provocative and opinionated; they never settle for second best.
— Cutty Sark Brand Controller, Edrington Group


An iconic brand with a rich history that had somewhat lost its way, Cutty Sark whisky appointed Inkling to reverse its decline in sales and reinvigorate interest worldwide.


Across 55 global markets, Inkling undertook a root and branch overhaul of PR, social, experiential and content. Based on nimble research, workshops and platform development we created a brand book, digital and PR playbooks and their first ever global brand platform – Cutty Cargo.

We developed and executed ATL, a brand history animation, several pieces of branded content, influencer outreach schemes, creative partnerships and three Cutty Cargo events in London, New York and Tokyo. Supported and managed by our PR and social team Inkling provided strategic guidance, training and brand empowerment to markets from Angola to USA to Japan (and everywhere in between).


  • Cutty Sark returned to growth for the first time in 25 years
  • Facebook likes grew from 119 to 171,381 – with zero spend
  • 183% growth in Facebook engagement
  • 190% growth in Twitter followers, without any dedicated Twitter campaigns
  • Over 280 pieces of coverage