I love working with Inkling as they understand Benefit as a brand and manage to combine creativity with delivery perfectly.
— Head of PR & Events, Benefit Cosmetics


As a brand, Benefit believes that laughter is the best cosmetic. Their challenge to Inkling was to create a piece of content that would encapsulate this “Benefesto” – and reach their young female audience without the benefit of a media budget.


One branded Benefit Cosmetics telephone box, ringing. And one question for the brave passerby who picked up: “Do you like surprises?”. If the answer was yes, a secret door in the phone box opened and they received a free makeover.

But that was just the beginning. Little did they know that they had actually entered the legendary Café de Paris – and that shortly after their makeover they were to front a band of live musicians to perform “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” before a capacity crowd.


  • 36x more successful than any other Benefit UK video
  • Zero media spend
  • Trended on Twitter UK
  • Resulted in the first ever Elle magazine cover mount